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Need to ship your car? Ship and Deliver makes car shipping service simple, easier, and faster nationwide in just 3 steps.

How to book a car shipping service with Ship and Deliver?

We offer auto transportation in 3 quick steps that are easy to follow and track.


Step 1

Instant Quote and booking


Step 2

We collect your wheels


Step 3

Take possession of your wheels

Car Shipping Service

Deal with the experts

Imagine dealing with pros? That’s what Ship and Deliver ensure its clients over the shipping experience from point A to point B. Get your car delivered to your doorstep without any worry, after all, it’s one of the best auto shipping experiences you will ever get. Our team of experts handles the shipping professionally and in a fast turnaround time.

Hassle-free Experience

What will make you choose Ship and Deliver? From booking an auto-shipment to the time of delivery, the experience is smooth. We keep you informed throughout the shipping process to make it a hassle-free experience for you! It’s fast, easy and a headache-less shipping experience you will clearly look forward to.

Committed advisors

With the most dedicated team of professional experts, we ensure that you will be communicating with the best professionals in town. The advisors are the team players and you as a client is our top priority. Therefore the role-play of advisors is to guarantee a safe shipment from a source location to the target location.

Fast-shipping company

How skeptical are you about the delivery time? Ship and Deliver guarantee its clients their shipment will not be delayed. Clients are always involved throughout the shipping process so that they can track the shipment and feel satisfied from the start till the end of the shipping process.

No upfront payments

Yes, that’s about right! No upfront payments mean no extra charges. You will be charged only once while booking your car shipping service. And that’s it! No hidden surcharge will be issued on your account, it’s a simple process with easy-going payments on your shoulder. You can make your booking even right now.

Instant shipping quotes

Do you not want to waste your time? No worries, Ship and Deliver is your all-in-one cargo solution. Get a free instant quote on your shipment. Just enter the details of your car, pick up and drop off location carefully. You can even calculate the shipping costs without waiting for any extra minute.

Flexible bookings

It’s all about being faster, affordable, and efficient. Instant shipping quotes make your bookings a lot easier to deal with. Ship and Deliver help people to ship their vehicles throughout the U.S. by providing flexible bookings, anytime and anywhere. Soon we will expand our shipping services across borders.

Extra hours on deck

When you book with Ship and Deliver you can relax and do not even need to wait long for your shipment. Without spending any extra dime on a truck to haul your vehicle, we do it on your behalf. We operate online therefore we are easily accessible at even long hours.

Welcome To The Best Service You Ever Seen!

How much cost to expect for our car shipping service?

As a standard practice, auto shipping prices rely on the current market trends (nationwide). To sum it up, the shipping cost directly depends on certain factors:

● Type of car you want to ship

● Drop off location of the car

● Car condition

● Distance from source to the target location

● Size of the car

● Type of transportation (open or enclosed trailer shipment)

● The time of booking

You do not require to wait for the quote, an instant quote means instant booking. Just fill-up the required information correctly and that’s it! Your car shipping service experience will begin with us right away. You can contact our customer service representatives for any further queries.

Car Measurements

The size and weight of the car is a primary concern. The larger the vehicle is the more special shipping accommodation will take place. As a result, the price for each vehicle may vary drastically.

State of the Vehicle

A fit to run vehicle cost far less than shipping an inoperable vehicle. Extra tools and security precautions
are required to ship a car, if in an inoperable condition.

Type of transportation

Your choice of transport matters too. Open transport is a far more traditional and reliable option as compared to enclosed transport. Because of the specific handling, the price of transport may vary.

The shipping distance

The longer distance is covered the lower the cost per miles will be. The automated cost calculator will measure the shipping distance from a source location to the target location. See? It’s all simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a vehicle shipping?

With Ship and Deliver you can book the vehicle shipment online. All you need to do is sign up, log in to your account, and fill the required booking form.

How do I get a quote?

After signing in, you need to choose the right booking details. Once the form is filled you, the automated cost calculator will measure the price for you within seconds or just enter the VIN number with the details.

Where do you ship to?

Ship and Deliver proudly provide its car shipping service all over the U.S. Our shipping services are available for both domestic and business use.

What is the mode of transaction for an auto shipping?

You can pay the shipping charges online by using your credit card. The online payment mode of transaction is secure. Your credit card details will be safely uploaded on the portal for future payments (if any).