The shipping industry revolution a long time ago, but still there’s room for progress. Take a look a couple of decades back. Shipping was a lot different than what it has become today. International shipping, sea trade, has become a major mode of transportation now. That being said, the role of the supply chain has increased thoroughly too.

Every country’s port is engaged in national and international shipping for cars and other freights. The necessity of building new harbors and ports is now a priority to keep the flow of shipping trade consistent.

Since the use of shipping ports has increased. This helped us to highlight some of the busiest shipping ports around the world. Their geographical location, operators, containers, turnaround time, etc are just a few factors on the top that explains the busy nature of these shipping ports.

The Role of Ports in Trade

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), an active port improves the shipping and trade competition.

    • It implies that a shipping port must be well connected, have the right supply chains, and have effective logistic centers.
    • Also, a shipping port must reduce the freight cost to avoid port congestion that otherwise may skyrocket.
    • Better connectivity installs smoother operations of the ports which means lesser delays in international shipping.

Top Shipping Ports You need to Remember

How to determine which shipping ports are the busiest?  The annual volume of the cargo and containers helps identify the top busiest ports around the world.

Let’s take a look down below to learn about them.

1. Guangzhou Port

No doubt China is on the top of the list of exporters. The country is known for its developing economic growth. So, it’s not a big surprise for it too.

The Guangzhou port is popularly known as the “Silk Road on the Sea” a name well deserved as it handles at least 20 million containers annually!

The port has higher connectivity with more than 350 ports worldwide and therefore is among the top 5 busiest shipping harbors.

2. Shenzhen Port

You do not need to look further to find the second busiest shipping port. Shenzhen port is home to various smaller shipping facilities. These facilities operate at the same level and have nearly 25 million containers handled annually.

The loading and unloading of cars can be seen easily on an average shipping day. However, the amount of daily cargo value is more than $700 million!

3. Ningbo-Zhoushan Port

Surprise, surprise! China is making a real trend in staying among the top 5 contenders of the busiest shipping ports around the world. This time it’s Ningbo-Zhoushan Port.

The port is the merger of Ningbo and Zhoushan – two different ports. It happened back in 2015 and according to the information, it is also one of the oldest shipping ports in the world.

Some even say it dates back to 752 A.D. but if you take a look at the present-day Ningbo-Zhoushan, you see at least 900 million tons of cargo annually shipped to different corners of the world.

4. Singapore Ports

Asian countries are taking the stronghold position among the top global shipping ports. Singapore handles almost 600 million tons of cargo annually. Also, the country is known as one of the busiest refrigerated container ports in the world too.

The port is occupied by almost 2 million reefers every year. Besides, Singapore is known for quality shipping, standard transport containers in more than 120 countries every year.

So yes, it suffices to include Singapore in our list of busiest shipping ports in the world.

5. Shanghai Port

The busiest port preceding Shenzhen is the Shanghai Port. Since the early 2000s, the port has increased its shipping capacity by 43 million containers on average. The port is located at the active River Yangtze and the East China Sea.

Hence one of the major reasons it is acclaimed to have the best geographical location.

Take Away

The shipping industry is shaping new policies, routes, and ports from one point to another. The increase in the use of car shipping has made traveling arrangements a lot easier. Ship and Deliver provide an authentic shipping experience for its customers all over the US.

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