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5 Most Common Problems You Face In International Vehicle Shipping
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International vehicle shipping is now an evolved industry and still revolutionizing with time and technology. Comparing international car shipping with decade-old processes to the current streamlined system, the auto transport shipping experience has drastically improved.

The vehicle transport company understands that for a customer, the car is one of their most prized possessions. Trusting it in the hands of a third-party source takes courage, loyalty, and a sense of reliability. When a car is moving, it is a stressful and harrowing experience for customers. The limited amount of time is enough to create pressure on the car moving company as well as the customer.

Usually, a car shipping service is under time constraints like the arrival of a vehicle at the drop-off destination on a certain date. After all, international car shipping is no joke!

With so much at stake, there are some international vehicle shipping problems that auto transport services may face eventually.

In this article, we will focus on these problems and provide the best possible solution to overcome the car shipping issues internationally.

What Are The Most Common International Vehicle Shipping Problems?

1. Inaccurate Price Quotes

One may ask how much is international car shipping?

Inaccurate Price Quotes

Car shipping experience can be costly for many. Most auto transport service providers advertise an instant quote or free quote on the website. But when you do get a quote there are several variables that affect international vehicle shipping like location, time zones, and import fee, etc.

Professional transport companies like Ship and Deliver, do NOT provide any “final quote”. It is difficult to obtain a price quote for international or even local vehicle shipping due to external factors. For instance, if the pickup and drop-off locations are not on the most common routes, this will spike the international vehicle shipping price.

2. Delay In Car Shipping

One of the most common issues is dealing with delayed car shipping. Despite the guarantees offered by the professional car service providers, expected delivery dates and times can become an issue.Delay In Car Shipping

It happens due to external factors like;

        • Incomplete documents to the country being imported to.
        • Bad weather conditions
        • Mechanical failure in the car shipping container
        • Slow or inadequate performance of port officials in specific countries
        • Language barriers in case of no translator
        • Remote locations and so on.

Ship and Deliver understand that a delay in car shipping does not look good for international vehicle shipping reviews. Therefore before booking your car for shipping, always have a detailed conversation with the customer representative.

3. Damaged Vehicle

One crucial factor in international vehicle shipping is the long distances. The more miles are required to cover, the higher the chances of vehicle damage are. Therefore before sending a vehicle for shipping, you need to prepare your car for shipping too.

Damaged Vehicle

Also, review the Bill of Lading once your vehicle arrives. Compare the car with the Bill of Lading and the state in which it arrived.

As a professional, Ship and Deliver make a record of the car in case of any serious vehicle damage. It helps to ensure whether relevant damages are covered by insurance or not. Therefore a customer is always beforehand to inquire about the insurance coverage.

4. Interrupted Or Lack Of Communication

A local car shipping experience is different from international vehicle shipping. Even when a car is shipped at a short distance, tracking the trailer provides a level of satisfaction to the customer.

Lack Of Communication

However, during international car shipping, it is harder to keep track of the car shipment container due to longer distances. You need to ask the car shipping services to provide the updates.

Ship and Deliver keep the customer notified via email updates. However, there are some auto transport companies that fail to inform the customer of continual updates about their car.

5. Car Shipping Scams

One of the most common problems that every professional auto transport company has to deal with is online scams. Customers are lured to a fabricated website with the dreams of low price quotes and exceptional shipping speed.

Car Shipping Scams

Sadly naive customers fall into the trap. Therefore it is important to do research about the car transport companies. Car shipping scams can be avoided when the right precautions are followed. Instead of becoming prey to these vultures, you must ask for authentic information.

Take Away

Facing problems in a service industry is considered a norm. However, the way a professional service provider handles the problem says a lot about their professionalism. Ship and Deliver are providing international vehicle shipping to UAE and Jordan.

As professional car shipping services, customer’s queries about international car shipping are taken care of from the very beginning. You must not miss your chance to get your dream car with you. Learn more details about how international car shipping works.

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