What does summer mean to you? It is the season of festivals, carnivals, beaches, and most importantly the time of car care too. Every car owner has one complaint in the summer. The diminishing fluids, dried-up radiator, crack in the belt, or corroding parts are more common in summer instead of winter days. So what can you do in such a case?

To keep your car running smoothly, you must take care of the vehicle in the best way possible. Summer days are not only hot for you but also takes a high toll on your car too. Ship and Deliver have long-term auto shipping experience. We know better than anyone the ways you can plan a better car care routine.

Shall we begin?

Car Care Tips to Follow This Summer

Road trips in summer are most common. Before you plan a holiday, either you can book your car for shipping or drive yourself. If you choose to drive the car then take a closer look at the car care tips mentioned below.

You will not be disappointed once you start these summer car care tips right away.

Tip #01: Keep it Cool

The first and foremost thing for car care is to keep the engine cool. Preventing the engine from overheating is necessary.

So how to prevent your engine from overheating?

Begin with maintaining the car cooling system. The coolant is a 50-70% combination of ethylene or propylene glycol with water. To keep the cooling unit stable, it is pumped through the engine with the help of a rubber hose and into the radio. The heat is dispersed into the air with the fan and airflow keeps the engine cool.

After the process, check the car system for a leak. Sometimes the belts and hoses connecting the system with time depreciate too. Cracks and tears from the weather conditions occur too. Check the radiator camp too. It helps to maintain the pressure and acts as a safety precaution (unless it’s not tight enough).

One can assume that in a hot/warm season the coolant is used more quickly.

Keep the warning signs in mind, like if it’s steaming, emitting white smoke or hissing. It needs to be taken care of.

Tip #02: Check the Belts

The one common item of speculation is the belts. It is another of the essential parts of the engine in every vehicle. You need to make sure to keep it safe and avoid it breaking down in summer.

Belts are replaced constantly. It depends on the type of car you drive. If you happen to live in the hotter states, then changing of wear and tear in belts is more. It can get loose or misaligned rather easily.

Check out for the visible cracks or the part from where the belt may get loose. Keep a close eye on the embedded debris and glazing too. It is an indicator of wear. To avoid this condition you need to keep the cleaning and inspecting up to date. Always watch out for the warning signs. The most common indicators of bad belts when you accelerate or drive at slow speed is related to;

    • Burning rubber smell
    • Squeaking
    • Squealing

Tip #03: Do Not Ignore Wipers

Despite the quality parts of the car, every single one of them will wear and tear or needs a replacement at some point. One of the most ignored parts of a car is the wipers.

Let’s look at it this way; wipers bear through the frost, snow, and ice on an everyday cycle during winters. The blades are most likely to crack and tear during the cold season. If your car’s wiper blades are torn, it is one of the worst nightmares in the summer.

A rainy summer day can downpour a good ride. Wiper blades are easy to replace, so the best thing is to replace them after the winter. They come cheap and are easy to replace so it will cost a minimum.

One thing you need to remember is that the windshield cleaner runs out quickly in summer too. So you need to keep a proper check and balance on it.

Tip #4: Tires are Roots for the Car

We would give you two cents on your thoughts about the tread. Remember to check tires at least once a month. It is one of the most common car care tips everyone will share with you. And they are right to share it too.

Worn-out tires are no good even for a short drive. In summer, hot wheels mean higher risks of accidents and succumbing to sharp objects on the road too. Slipping is also a common abnormality in the case of a rainy day.

DON’T WORRY. We have the perfect solution for you to find out whether your tire is worn out or not.

The trick is really simple.

If you haven’t heard of this before then this is your chance to use Lincoln’s head. It’s no joke. Just insert the penny upside down into the tire’s groove. If the tread doesn’t cover the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s about time you go for tire shopping.

Or once you cover 6000 miles (at minimum) you should change the tires. It helps to prevent uneven tires, and lessens the wear and tear too before warning signs start to turn red.

Tip #05: Keep your Car Cool

For the summer car care tips, let’s go to the very basics once again. After all, a machine needs to keep cool too. A summer car-care kit goes a long way to keep the vehicle running smoothly. Investing in a good summer car care kit is essential too.

The usual items of use in the car care kit include sunshade, cardboard, or plastic screen to cover and protect the windshield. The purpose is to block the sun from cooking the interior of the car.

Plus, it’s for the best if you carry a gallon of water (at least) in the car too. Just so, in case your car heats up on the way then you have water at hand to keep the radiator from bursting into flames too.

Ship and Deliver Takes of your Car

Summer days are happy for you if your car is where it should be. Also, car care is essential and comes with being the car owner.

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Ship and Deliver is happy to share further details about summer car care you can benefit from before car shipping too. Do not hesitate to contact us for shipping on the hot summer days too. We are here for you all seasons round!

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