Are you thinking of moving to another city for your job? Or do you have a business idea in mind that you want to start working on but requires moving? If you are planning to move to a location that is a one-stop solution for all your problems then think big – Think TEXAS.

Moving to Dallas is an experience of its own, you need to research everything; the best place to live, where to get a job, education, opportunities, markets, and so on.

Texas is known as the largest producer of oil, cattle sheep minerals, and especially cotton is home to several entrepreneurs. One of the most prized cities of Texas in Dallas. This may be the answer to all your Solutions. To make your move to Dallas pleasant and a positive experience you need to keep a few things in mind.

Easy Guideline Moving to Dallas

Regardless of how you came to decide to move to another city. First never enter the city premises blindfolded. Dallas is a metropolitan city of Texas, and perhaps the largest one in the southern United States.

Relocating to a new place can be quite hectic especially if you have to drive your car to a long distance. At this point, car shipping to Dallas sounds easier than driving yourself. But what else do you need to take care of? From the sheer number of people living in the areas who chose to move here each one had their share of reasons to move.

So to help you out, we have outlined the compelling qualities of the grandeur city.

1. One Word for Dallas – BIG!

When it comes to Dallas’s population it is huge in numbers! Everything in Texas seems big and so does Dallas. According to the latest index, the residents have grown by 1,206,599 in terms of population.

The approximate size of Dallas is 343 sq miles. It’s a huge city with lots of advantages. The more land is appreciable for the new business ventures.

2. Where to Live in Dallas

Finding the right neighborhood to live in can be overwhelming a little because there are so many areas to choose from. But you want to go with the terms of affordability here and yet be able to enjoy the benefits of living in one of the biggest cities in Texas.

So how can you plan for residence?

You can always kickstart your research with social media. The use of Facebook is one way of getting to know about the communities residing in Dallas. Interact with the locals in the group and start by asking them the basic question like which is the best neighborhood, how much is the car transport to Dallas, and so on.

But even if you feel skeptical about asking a bunch of people, Google is always here for you. So according to our research, some of the best suburbs for young professionals include the

    • Colleville
    • Grapevine
    • Plano
    • Trophy Club

Besides these some of the grooviest neighborhoods in Dallas include

    • Trinity Groves
    • Lower Greenville and the M Streets
    • Uptown

3 . Cost of Housing

So once you have selected your neighborhood, you need to keep the cost of housing in mind. Unfortunately, overall there is an increase of 2.4% and it looks like with all the incoming shifts the trend will continue. The more people crave the urban lifestyle in Dallas the more increase is expected to be seen.

Certain neighborhoods and suburbs like Highland Park, Frisco, and Plano are high in demand hence the reason behind their expensive housing markets.

In case you are moving to any of the areas and need assistance in shipping your car, Ship and Deliver can guarantee efficient car transport about anywhere in the US. so once you have decided on the housing the next thing you need to do is get a quote for car shipping.

4. Accustomed to Traffic

The bigger the city is the more traffic you can expect. So if you are not patient regarding being stuck in traffic this one can be a con for you. Because the city is widespread the DFW residents endure the longer commutes. This is one of the reasons for higher traffic.

Besides, some of the most congested highways exist in Dallas which isn’t helping the matter either. Currently, Dallas is ranked in the 20th position for the most traffic. So you have to be real patient if you are running late, plan your work schedules accordingly. Although public transportation is provided but you need to know the right route too. Despite being a car-centric city, people still prefer to use the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) from downtown Dallas to Fort Worth and connect to areas like Grapevine.

You will need to get used to the traffic here.

5. Things are Different in Texas

So as a first-time mover to Texas, you’d be surprised to learn that the residents here do not pay state or local personal income taxes. Incredible!

However, they do pay personal property taxes on home and auto, also the sales tax. Once you start paying the property taxes, you will come to know it’s a shocker even for you. According to the census, Texas residents pay one of the highest property tax bills.

2% additional sales tax is charged in Dallas and the Metro area.

So do remember to pay your taxes here too even when moving to Dallas you need to keep a close check on your account.


Whatever reason you may have to relocate to Dallas, it’s easier now to move when car shipping services are easily available too. Ship and Deliver is always ecstatic about a move from one city to another. So as your local partner, you can book car shipping to Dallas at affordable prices now.