The shipping industry has seen its fair share of twists and turns with time. It’s a given the misconceptions about this particular industry need to be cleared too. There are certain myths attached to auto transportation that makes customers hesitate to book a car shipping.


Some belief car shipping to be a lot expensive for an average customer. It can be a stressful experience for many. Thus the rumors unfolded some of the ghost stories too about the car shipping industry. But let us assure you that the myths and misconceptions you heard about the auto transportation services are just that – rumors.

Car shipping is a safe platform for customers to transfer their vehicles from one location to another. Let’s take a look down below to further ease your queries.

Common Misconceptions: Auto Transportation Myths You Need To Cross From Your List

It’s easy to believe a myth about a service that a customer has not used prior. However, in the auto transport industry, there are several companies providing excellent transportation services while some hardly make a mark in fulfilling what they claimed.

In such a case the rumors are easy to rise and fill in the gap between quality service and promises you make to a respective customer.

1. Every Auto Transport Company Is The Same

Is it true?

If it was then why the tough nut crack competition would exist in the first place? The most common myth is that people make assumptions in their minds about auto transport companies.

When you want to ship your car you need to weed out the big claimers who promise to provide you all the glory in car shipping. The truth is a professional car shipping company keeps things real. They do not exaggerate about their services. They make on-time deliveries, have genuine reviews, transparent quotes and customer service is always available.

At Ship and Deliver, you can experience a great shipping experience.

2. Car Shipping Is An Overwhelming Experience

Things can go awry if you choose auto transportation that has poor shipping service. Some of the car shippers are only focused on shipping as fast as possible and twice the number of cars.

On the other hand, there are companies like Ship and Deliver that take care of all the processes from getting a quote to streamline the shipping process to the point of dropping off a vehicle to the required location.

The primary goal as a professional auto transportation service provider is to make the shipping process an easy and stress-free experience for the clients. When you walk through a step-by-step process then you feel the satisfaction soothing your queries and doubts away. We make sure to guide you through every step of the shipping process.

3. Reviews Are Unnecessary

All auto transport companies are not similar to one another despite a linear service. The quality of shopping, the shipping process, quotations, etc differ from one company to another.

So why will reviews be any same?

Reviews are one of the easiest ways to learn about an auto transportations service. Each review will vary according to the customer experience with the respective auto shipping company.

Looking at the reviews gives you the opportunity to understand the good or bad experience that the former customer had with the company. It is not wise to ignore the reviews.

4. More Expensive Than Driving A Car

It is a common assumption that car shipping is a lot more expensive than driving a car.

But you couldn’t be any more wrong than this! The United States highway is considered to be one of the dangerous roads in the country. The high traffic is one of the reasons behind regular accidents. When you use a car shipping service, you are avoiding a hassle-free experience for your car to be delivered.

Truckers are trained the way an average person is not which gives them an upper hand when driving the trailer or truck carrying car shipment. A car shipping service can be a bit much but it is not expensive as compared to driving a car. Not to mention every pit stop you will have to make on the way.

5. Choose The Lowest Price For Car Shipping

It sounds tempting to choose a car shipping company that offers the lowest quote. Don’t click on it. It might be a fraud.

The words “cheap” and “affordable” play a psychological role. If you get the lowest and “too hard to believe” quotes then it says a lot about car shipping quality. Even their customer’s service will be next to nothing.

If you choose such car shipping companies you are on the list of late shippings and extended delays.

6. No Accurate Auto Shipping Quote

Professional companies use cost shipping calculation that helps to calculate the car shipping costs. However, there are some people who believe that these cost calculators are not useful. Instead, companies give a high quote for car shipping.

When you use Ship and Deliver you will find an estimated quote. Such a quote gives the customer an idea about the car shipping cost depending on the distance, the weight of the car, location, and so on.

7. Open Car Transport Is Risky

When a customer reaches us, as professional experts, it is our job to provide the right information. Open car transport is always a favorite choice but some believe it to be a lot riskier.

It is a cheaper car shipping option but it is completely safe. The damage to vehicles is rare. The precautions used for open car carriers are doubled in an effort to keep car transportation safe and sound.

Door To Door Transport

Happy Shipping!

If you can forgo the auto transportation myths then you will find Ship and Deliver to be one of the easy and convenient car shipping options.

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