What is the most common misconception about using social media? The brands that promote, sell, and create their brand awareness are always fun, sexy, or most importantly trendy. It may seem that way when you see bakeries introducing their latest menu items or a clothing line representing the recent apparels. But have you ever heard of a fad post? Your social media post may create hype for a while but it will soon be forgotten. Thankfully that’s not the case with the car moving companies at all.

When it comes to trucking and auto shipping companies the opportunities present themselves in a variety of ways for social media. Although the shipping industry has not embraced the arms of social media as its sister industries by sharing content online. With time, the industry is gradually progressing towards creating awareness, hence it gives a car shipper the benefit to dominate the market freely.

The Art of Social Media for Auto Shipping Companies

A lot of similar businesses are currently enjoying several benefits of using Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to persuade the information down the throats of their customers. Some brands may use an aggressive approach i.e. constantly uploading the posts 24/7. This way customers learn a lot about the respective brand. But it can quickly backfire too, so it’s best to choose “your moments” to upload the content.

So some of the attractive ways for a car shipper to promote their line of services can be in form of;

1. Viral Content

Okay, so car shipping service may not be as glamorous as Nike or Nandos but this is only because shipping companies have always been reluctant to share their stories with the world. Reason? Thinking no one would be interested in learning about them is perhaps the first and foremost reason behind the lack of sharing the content.

Yes, companies as strong can show fear about what to share and not share. It’s the internet after all. But contrary to this, Maersk, one of the largest container ship operators, believed they needed to share their story so they produced a wide range of content for the online users.

2. Focus on the Customer Service

Customers are not only on the other side of their world anymore, they are approachable via social media. They are quick to respond, so if they have used your car shipping services, you can expect a response from them.

Even if good customer service is available 24/7 or even at the 9 am – 5 pm work hours, your customer already knows they can make a greater impact based on their experiences.

The use of Facebook and Twitter has a bigger impact on your business than an automated email. This can be a problem or even a blessing in disguise. It’s best to choose a customer service representative who can handle the customers while maintaining the company’s reputation.

Do not forget that social media are a part of your customer services. It’s a touchpoint you do not want to miss. The more response rate on social media pages are, the better it is. For auto shipping companies it is important to communicate with their customers online too because social media is one of the convenient ways to.

3. Promotions and Advertisement

Social media is the modern art of advertising and promotes businesses from B2B and B2C. To become one of the best auto transport companies then a competitive marketing strategy is what you need that should be cost-effective but yet create brand awareness about your company.

You have the liberty to set your budget, one of the major benefits of promoting camping through social media. You can start and stop a social media campaign on will, hence you have the flexibility to control it better than any other advertising platform.

You can make an effective campaign by a “support campaign” for the current situation and so on. Such ideas reflect the company’s role as a philanthropist but most importantly as an active company with a strong voice. Customers appreciate such brands.

So what will it be for you as a shipping company? Ship and Deliver is one of the auto shipping companies that is generating buzz in the US for their effective campaigns and active role but also proving to be an efficient shipping company. It’s high time to move your cars anywhere in the US without any fear.