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4 Safe Ways to Interact with Auto Transport Carriers during COVID-19

How often do you interact with the auto transport carriers? since the pandemic, car shipping services had to shut down nationwide. That was in the first wave. With the third wave kicking its legs all over the world, the car shipping industry has decided to take one fearless step ahead and get along with the pandemic crisis.

So you are in luck.

Auto transport carriers will continue to haul vehicle shipments all over the US. whether you are a student or a car enthusiast, Ship and Deliver are always available at your disposal. With an unexpected turn of events, you may need your car at a precise location. In case if you moved to a new city you may feel that you need your own car so once again you will look towards the car shipping companies.

Ship and deliver has made car shipping easier for clients in the long run. However for the sake of your own health and that of our drivers you need to follow some strict precautions.

Auto Transport Carriers Regulates Rules to Follow Amidst COVID-19

Prior to the Drop Off

You need to prepare your vehicle for shipping right away. This practice is not new and therefore fully active. But once you are cleaning and washing away the first and debris on your car’s exterior, make sure to sanitize the car’s interior as well.

However, according to the circumstances, keep disinfectant wipes with you at the time of loading and unloading of the car. Always wear the face mask, gloves and keep a sanitizer (liquid or spray) with you.

Also, limit your exposure by taking bills in an envelope. This is the best practice to limit yourself to exposure.

At the Time of Drop Off

Meeting face to face is not as safe as it used to be. The third wave of a pandemic is much harsher. So you need to continue taking the same precautions when booking auto shipping services. When it’s time for the driver to arrive the best practice is to wear an N95 mask according to the recommendation.

In case you do not have an N95 mask on hand, then do cover your mouth and nose with some other material. In either way, it reduces the risk of infection transmission.

To sign up for the forms or other documents at the time of loading, it’s best to bring your own pen if you do not want to share it. This also further limits the exposure with the item in contact.

At the Time of Pickup

Keep practicing the same precautions even at the time of the pickup. Masks, gloves, and sanitizers are now an extension of your body. When the driver from auto transport services arrives, maintain a safe distance.

A vehicle is likely to be the house nest of coronavirus. Why? Because it is exposed to the open environment, plus it’s a potential risk to touch the car without sanitizing your hands first. If you are wearing gloves and touch the car, even then keep the disinfectant wipes with you. You can spray the sanitizer spray on the vehicle door handle, steering wheel, etc.

The more you take care of the vehicle and yourself the better.

Stay at Home

Instead of driving miles from one city to another, Ship and Deliver are one of the best auto transport carriers that provide opportunities to utilize. Keep your family and yourself safe during the pandemic by avoiding stepping out of home as much as possible.

You may get the feeling of cabin fever, but the truth is these are necessary precautions. Being a responsible auto transport carrier, Ship and Deliver wants to keep its client safe and sound. So keep these points in mind.

Ship and Deliver at Your Service

For a safer option to deliver your cars, Ship and Deliver are taking full necessary precautions to ensure both, the driver and customers, are safe during the time of loading and unloading. Keep connected with the customer representative for any further guidance.

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