Relocating a car can be a mess. Auto transport can be a scary experience for first-timers. Handing over your automobile to be shipped to another city requires patience, trust, and some budget out of your wallet. So yes, when you see your car being loaded onto the trailer, a mini heart attack seems to be on its way (figuratively speaking). If you are one of those people who wants assurance that there is shipped safely always opt for a means of enclosed auto transport services.

Auto-shipping is quite common these days, and with the rigorous use of services by various companies, people really prefer their cars to be protected by the walls of the enclosed trailers.

The Reasons For Popularity Behind Enclosed Auto Transport Services In The US

We have scribbled some of the basic reasons because of which car shipping in enclosed trailers is a long-lasting trend.

1. One Of The Safest Inland Auto Transportation

Can you blame a customer to undermine the value of his car? Through the U.S, the highways are packed with the on slot of traffic. Especially during the holiday’s roads can be jammed at certain exit points too. If shipping is taking place by the night and somehow the trailer gets involved in the accident then what?

Enclosed car shipping provides the modicum of protection of your car for the obvious reasons. Mostly the enclosed trailers can haul more than 4 cars at a time. Even if they cost more than open trailers they do provide the much-needed protection for the car too.

Also, let’s not forget the insurance cost for the enclosed auto transport services are usually higher.

2. Scratch-Free Vehicle Shipping

Ship and Deliver have taken as its utmost responsibility to load the vehicle carefully on the enclosed trailer. A perfect trailer, with the right size dimension, is chosen. This way, there’s enough space for the car and to use the safety chains.

Another way to keep your car safe during shipping to contact a licensed broker. They understand your requirements and can guarantee a safe passage for road transport.

Enclosed trailers offer much security at this point from the other external factors as well. For instance, in case of a blizzard or thunderstorm and so on the car is safe to the point until it reaches the drop-off location.

3. Classic Car Transporters

Once the harsh winters are over, the onset of spring means car auction all over the country. The added benefit of the enclosed auto transport services are that your car(s) will reach the destination safe and sound.

Whether you want the car to reach the showroom, your home, or office, it’s possible with the enclosed auto shipping. Open trailers are not safe, as a given fact, so if you are adding certain items inside the car so that they reach safely, enclosed trailers are the right option.

4. Stress-Free Experience As A Customer

The first and foremost worry is the stress you face during the shipping process. Why should you stress yourself asking the same question again and again like, “how long will it take for the car to drop off?” or “where is the trailer now?” it’s easy to panic if it’s your first shipping experience.

Besides the worry, if you had to drive on your own, you could get stuck in the traffic and had to make constant stops otherwise. So you can travel by flight, be on time. But before you do that booking a car shipment in an enclosed trailer is the right choice for an experience worth the price.


Ship and Deliver elevated the shipping experience for the first-timers and have made loyal customers out of the old ones. The number of benefits for the enclosed shipping is more in comparison to open trailer shipping. Thus if you want to relocate your car, make the right decision.