Whether you are relocating due to a job or because you sold your home you need your car by you at all times. The only time you do not have your car with you is when you are out of town. It can be handled easily with the door to door transport service. It is a convenient option. Also, it is a reliable method to ship your car in the hour of need.

So where does this leave you?

An experienced shipping company with eligible rates can be your next choice. However, you need to choose the company that fits the bill. It is important to have a positive experience with the companies offering door-to-door transport services.

Luckily, Ship and Deliver is the ideal choice as the door to door transport company. We, at Ship and Deliver, have taken the time to point out the door to door auto transport tips that work out in the best interest of our customers.

Door To Door Transport Service Is A Must! Here’s How

    • Do The Research

The most basic tip to start with is to do your research. As an auto shipping company, we always have the customer’s best interests at heart. This is why we always suggest you make the right choice. 

Doing research is the best way to be satisfied.

Read the customer reviews, take a look at social media outlets, and especially the website. An authentic car shipping website will have shared all the service details. For instance, Ship and Deliver provide door to door transport service for the customer’s benefit. So does Montway among the top-tier shipping services. But there are those shipping companies as well who offer a limited-service(s).

So if you are looking for a door to door transport company specifically then you need to find one accordingly.

    • Low Quotes Are Alarming

And for the right reasons as well. Does the quote seem too good to be true? If yes, then chances are it’s a car shipping scam! Hard to believe low quotes also mean that car transport quality is compromised.

When you request a quote, contact the customer representative. Get the answers to your questions. For first-time shippers, the questions mostly are related to payments, insurance, and the shipping process. If you are opting for door to door services then you need to confirm before booking whether the company is offering the particular services or not.

Once you talk to the customer representative, it gives you an insight into how the company deals with its customers and so on.

    • Advance Bookings

The easiest and always preferred choice is to make an advance booking to hire door to door transport service. Your car shipping is guaranteed and you are aware of the fact when the shipping will take place. Any professional auto transport company will inform and keep in contact with the email updates.

Car transport usually takes a couple of days to a week. It can even take more than a week. Especially if you are acquiring the door to door transport service then the only drawback is the weather prediction. Although professional auto transport like Ship and Deliver makes sure to keep the weather forecast in mind specifically for the advance bookings so that the shipping is not delayed.

    • Location Is Critical

As a customer, you always need to keep the location in mind for door to door transport services. Some auto transport companies provide a high-end car shipping experience for a shorter distance.

It does not mean they can tackle the longer distance for auto transport.

An area accessible by the highway has fewer charges usually. This allows the transporter to arrive at the prime location as planned. If the area is more remote than usual, then shipping can exceed the estimated time too.

Locations with more difficult en routes present a challenge for the auto car shipping companies. Therefore you always select the door to door transport service that has part experience in car shipping at a longer distance.

    • Destination Matters Too

So where do you plan to ship your car? The final destination matters. For instance, moving coast to coast the climate will be different from the pickup destination. In such a case the door to door transport service has to take special measures.

When the location (of the city) is revealed it helps you and the car shipping company to decide whether it will be a reliable match or not. But the ultimate stop will depict the final charge on the quote too. So depending on the situation, if special equipment is required for the car’s protection or for loading or unloading then the destination is taken into account as well.

If you move during the summer then do keep in mind this is the busiest season for the car transport companies.

Door To Door Transport Service

Door To Door Transport Is The Right Leverage

A positive car shipping experience means the company must cover basic but necessary grounds. Ship and Deliver understand and navigate the situation beforehand. As the professional door to door transport service, we also offer other services. For a positive car shipping experience, you can contact us to resolve any query you may have. Happy shipping!

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