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7 Things to Keep in Mind before Choosing a Car Transport Provider

Imagine this – You got a dream job and are now ready to move to your new location. You are already excited about it and you have been packing all day long. It is time for you to load up your SUV with all of your essentials – clothes, furniture items, appliances, computer equipment, pet supplies, and even Christmas ornaments (just in case you will feel like decorating the house). You start driving to your local car transport provider’s office, hoping that they can help you out.


“I am planning on relocating soon. How fast can I expect my vehicle to get here?” – You ask an agent at a car shipping service provider‘s office.

Auto Transport Solutions

Best Auto Transport Solutions: Differences Between Open And Enclosed Transport Trailers

Auto transport is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the auto industry. According to the US Department of Transportation, auto transport solutions have been increasing at an average annual rate of 6% for the past 10 years. This trend is expected to continue in the near future as well. A majority of auto shipping companies use auto transport trailers, which are the means of auto transportation.

However, auto transport trailers may be considered as a ‘one size fits all’ situation. In reality, auto transport trailers are of two different types – open auto transport and enclosed auto transport.

This article explains how auto transport solutions differ from each other by comparing open auto transport trailers with enclosed auto transport trailers.

Open Vs Enclosed Trailers: What Do You Need to Know

Are you planning to ship your car? Then you need to know that there are different types of trailer options available for shipping. For someone who has never used a shipping service, these are usually largely invisible. But when you get in touch with a car shipping company, the foremost thing that confuses you is the auto transport trailers.

Which one should you use?

Most car shipping companies offer pretty interesting options but enclosed and open transport trailers are two major types you need to focus on.

When you come in touch with Ship and Deliver management, you will become aware of the car shipping transport details real quickly. We offer enclosed and open transport for shipping.

Open Transport Trailers

As the name suggests, trailers without a roof or walls are open transport trailers. You may have seen such trailers on the highway taking the new cards to the dealerships. These types of trailers are used for state-to-state vehicle shipping.

However, when there are abundant car shipping orders within the same location proximity, the use of open transport trailers is a perfect choice. These are highly affordable and most common in use.

The most popular type of open trailer is a two-level trailer that can carry 7-10 vehicles shipped all at once!

You may be a proud owner of a second-hand car. So when you feel the need of shipping your second-hand car, an open transport trailer is the right option for obvious reasons. The only drawback is the super protection level.

The open transport trailers are lighter and consume less fuel too which works in favor of the customer and the auto transport company.

Enclosed Transport Trailers

The enclosed car carriers are covered. Period. They provide ultra protection to the vehicles being shipped against debris, dust, and weather.

Usually, enclosed transport trailers are best suitable for exotic cars or luxury vehicles. So customers who want to ship new, antique, or exorbitant vehicles can easily opt for enclosed transport trailers.

Enclosed car trailers are designed keeping the type of niche of vehicles in mind. They even consist of extra features like updates, insurance protection, and an option for a single-car trailer.

Consider the Budgeting

As a car owner, you need to make a choice that is economical. Right?

It is clear as daylight – open transport shipping is way cheaper than enclosed car shipping. Also, let’s not forget the fact that more vehicles are shipped all at once on open transport trailers.

Enclosed trailers are heavy in weight due to additional hydraulics. It helps to low-ground the vehicles for clearance. So, it makes the enclosed trailers less fuel-efficient which means increased fuel prices.

So when a customer places a quote for enclosed car shipping, Ship and Deliver instate the best-experienced crew for the shipping process.

So what’s the best catch?

Keeping your budget in mind you can choose either option. Depending on your requirement and the availability of the car shipping trailer you can opt for the available option.

Types of Open and Enclosed Trailers

The two major options for car shipping are open and enclosed trailers. But there are other types of both trailers as well.

Let’s say if you chose an open transport trailer, you have the following options for auto shipping;

    • Single Vehicle Trailers

Do you want an exclusive car shipping experience? How about choosing transport trailers dedicated to the single vehicle? Sounds good enough? If it’s a short distance, the single-vehicle trailer is ideal for auto transport.

For expedited shipping, single-vehicle trailers are a brilliant option. However, do not confuse this open transport trailer with a tow truck.

    • Single-Level Multi Car Trailer

To ship more than one vehicle at the same time, companies often use a single-level multi-car trailer. The loading capacity is from 2-6 cars.

Usually, these are the multi-car gooseneck trailers and are larger than the single-vehicle trailers. The single-deck trailer is enough to carry cars around the suburbs and small neighborhoods.

    • Multi-Level Vehicle Trailer

Besides the single-vehicle transport trailer, a multi-level vehicle trailer is also seen on the roads. The majority of the car carriers for long distances are multi-level vehicle trailers. These are the standard form of open trailers for long distances.

So when you book long-distance car shipping, your vehicle will be shipped on it.

On the other hand, some of the types of enclosed transport trailers include;

    • Single Level, Single-Vehicle Enclosed Trailer

As the name suggests, it is used to haul single cars. Such vehicles are valuable and are to be transferred on short distances.

Gooseneck trailers or bumper trailers are the most common examples.

    • Single Level, Multi-Vehicle Enclosed Trailer

These enclosed trailers can carry more than one car. Usually, it is up to 3 cars. The trailer ride is single, and high up off the roadbed.

    • Multi-level, Multi-Vehicle Enclosed Trailer

The more valuable the vehicle is, the more safety is required. When exotic cars are transferred to the dealerships, the use of a multi-level, multi-vehicle enclosed trailer is most common.

Best Auto Transport Solutions – Ship and Deliver

It’s worth mentioning that open and enclosed transport trailers are the main service for any car shipping company.

Sure, there are alternative car transports available as well. But when you want to ship a car, via road transportation, your top concern is about the advantage, right?

So, we have concluded the advantages for both types of transport trailers.

Auto Transport Benefits

No matter the type of auto transport solutions you choose, you can easily get an Instant Quote. Compare them and choose the best option for your car shipping.

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