Imagine this – You got a dream job and are now ready to move to your new location. You are already excited about it and you have been packing all day long. It is time for you to load up your SUV with all of your essentials – clothes, furniture items, appliances, computer equipment, pet supplies, and even Christmas ornaments (just in case you will feel like decorating the house). You start driving to your local car transport provider’s office, hoping that they can help you out.

“I am planning on relocating soon. How fast can I expect my vehicle to get here?” – You ask an agent at a car shipping service provider‘s office.

“The cars usually arrive within three days.” – The agent replied, looking at the computer screen without paying much attention.

“Three days?!” – You exclaim, shocked by the response. “I don’t understand! I am planning on moving in one week!”

– The agent then turns to you and says, “This is car shipping, not rocket science. We are a business and we need time to prepare your car for transportation. If you are willing to wait, we can have your car transported within 24 hours.”


So did you go ahead with the car shipping service?


Do you think that this example demonstrates what car transport providers really do?

Perhaps not. In fact, there are many things that these companies don’t tell their clients about how they operate and why it takes so much time for them to ship a vehicle from point A and deliver it.

Car Transport Providers are Modern Day Santa for Auto Shipping

Before you hire a car transport company, you need to know the 7 things that no one ever mentions until they have been in business for a year or two:

    • The Damage Protection Plan is NOT Optional

No matter how much attention you pay to prevent your car from getting damaged while being shipped, there are some situations when it is not possible to fully avoid potential problems.

All auto shipping companies provide what is called a damage protection plan as part of their services – this means that if something happens to your vehicle during transportation, the shipper will repair or replace it at no cost. While this may seem like a good idea (and it actually is) make sure to understand the details of this service before signing up for it.

    • Cost, Quality, and Time

Every auto transport provider will charge you a fee.

The process of creating an exact figure is not exactly simple, but you should be able to save some money by dealing with smaller companies instead of going for a major one such as North American Van Lines.

Just keep in mind that car shipping prices vary considerably from company to company – they are based on factors like distance (from where you live or move), weight, size of your car, and others.

In addition to price, the quality and time taken to ship your vehicle can make quite a difference when it comes to choosing the right car shipping provider. This is why you need to make sure that you know exactly what you’re in for before committing or handing over your hard-earned money to car shipping services companies.

    • Vehicle Safety

A car shipping service company offering a lower rate might be prone to compromise on some matters. For instance, you should ensure that they have the right permits and licenses for car shipping. Also, find out if there is a money-back guarantee in case of damage or loss of your vehicle during transit.

To prevent the risk of theft, make sure that all your personal belongings are removed from your car. So do you think you should choose such car shipping services companies? Stay at a wide berth!

    • Professional Dealing

The car transport provider should be professional in their dealings. Are they polite? Are they open to your questions and requests without any kind of hostility? Are they punctual? Do you have to call them several times before they pick up the phone?

You shouldn’t be forced into something that is irreversible. They ought to respect your decision, even if it’s a no!

Compare quotes for shipping rates, shipping time, services offered, etc. Also compare other aspects like destination coverage, payment options, and insurance packages. You can always choose from top-rated car shipping providers with the help of online reviews and testimonials.

    • Professional Working Website

Some car shipping service’s websites may look like a 90’s show that has not been updated for months. Their websites can be difficult to use and navigate through. You may have to go through pages of unnecessary information before you find the real shipment needs and services they offer.

Why would you want to spend time trying to decipher a website instead of dealing directly with people who can help you move your car?

A good car shipping service’s website is powered by WordPress or Drupal, two robust content management systems that are very easy to use. Their websites are simple and easy to understand without being too crowded with graphics, images, or text. They provide loads of useful content about their services like FAQs, testimonials, vehicle articles, guides, etc.

Ship and Deliver is a fine example of a WordPress website.

    • Vehicle Carrier Options

Every professional car transport provider offers two major types of carriers – open and enclosed transport.

The first option is the cheapest one, but it’s also the most risky. Unfortunately, vehicles have a long history of being involved in serious accidents and many of them were said to be caused by inadequate protection from open transport carriers.

Professional car shipping services also offer enclosed transportation services for shipping cars across the country or even abroad. Therefore keep a close eye on the type of transport trailers they offer and their availability.

    • Cancellation Policy

Sometimes customers may forget to ask the most vital question – what is the car transport provider’s cancellation policy.

If they don’t care to answer that question, you should stay away from them. While some providers have a strict no-refund policy, others allow customers an allotted time to cancel the car shipping booking.

If any kind of problem occurs during the shipping process, customer support representatives are there for your assistance 24/7 either via email or phone.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of car transport providers offering national and international auto shipping. Google search is your best pal for now and so is Ship and Deliver.

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