Do you Need Car for College

Do you Need Car for College? 5 Reasons to Ship your Vehicle Now

A colleague is a lifetime experience for young minds. Planning, handing over essays for college application all gets down to the point of getting enrolled in your dream school. Especially when your dream school is out of the city or far from home. 

It’s a comforting idea for families to see their kids growing up and moving to a new phase of their life and taking every sweet loving memory with them in their first car. So the point to ponder is that do you need car for college?

Or can you make your college years without it? 

Truth be told, car ownership at this point in your life can bring lots of benefits. 

Whether your parents want to visit you or you want to make homemade cookies with all personal accessories from your room, getting a car for college is worth it. 


So, Do you Need Car for College? Learn 5 Common Reasons Right Now! 

Need Car for College


1. Ship Car to College is a lot Convenient 

College life is incredible but it’s not without its hardships. You have to keep up with the classes, work, internships, and maintain a social life as well. 

Is it easy to juggle through different roles? 

No. it’s not. On top of that, taking the bus every time you plan to reach a new destination or from one department to another, will take a lot of time. 

When you ship a car to college you do not have to worry about remembering the bus schedule. You are beyond such worries then. Having a car makes moving around the new town easy with no worries about the weather being inclement either. 

Even if you move to a smaller town, renting a cable every time can be overwhelming, and imagine the number of fares you will save by having your car! 


2. Count your Savings

Undoubtedly, cabs are available throughout the town. Private cabs like Uber work all over the town and cities giving you an estimate of fares. But what about the peak rates during the rush hours? 

Car shipping to college is a safe option in a lot of ways. For instance, it helps to; 

        • Save the time 
        • Save your money 
        • Save your energy in finding the ride 
        • Save you from auto theft too! 

You cannot run a background check on the driver every time you take a cab. Shipping your car to college now sounds like a very convenient option now, doesn’t it? 

The safety you feel inside your own car cabin is far more than sitting in the back of a cab in the middle of a dead street.


3. Flexible Route Choices 

When someone asks, do you need car for college, say an immediate yes. No matter how short the distance is, your car is your savior in finding shortcuts to reach a distance in lesser duration. 

If you want to visit a friend or go shopping, waiting for a tube or a taxi can be a real struggle more than often. What if you have planned to spend Christmas at a lodge with your friend? You will need your car for that too. 

So having a car to college gives you flexible options when planning to go out and about


4. Ride Comfortably 

Of course, you have the comfort of sitting on your seat and the steering in your hands gives you ultimate control. For many, driving is a lot more comfortable than flying or taking a taxi ride. You are not wedged between tight seats between strangers. 

So do you need a car for college because you are thinking about comfort? Yes. And since the pandemic is not going anywhere soon, having a car is your saving grace. 

So if you own a vehicle, ship the car to college for a greater comfortable experience. You need not worry about timings, or your future plans anymore. 


5. Adventure is on Horizon 

Having a car does not only mean flexible routes, but adventurous trips are also around the corner. 

At some point, car shipping is a must if you want to explore a far city but do not want to drive all the way. Instead, shipping services help you by transporting your vehicle to the drop-off location. 

You can drive your car all around the campus, streets, and countryside even. 

You can explore the surrounding areas from your dorm to the main shopping centers and also enjoy the landmarks. It does sound fun to have a car to college right? 


Why Ship Car to College INSTEAD of Driving? 

For professional car experience, you need an auto transporter who can guarantee safe shipping. Shipping exceeds the benefits of driving such as 

    • It is safer 
    • Saves your cost of fuel 
    • Save your time effort in driving 
    • Eliminates the stress of moving to school 
    • Is a public service initiated for all kinds of moving! 


Ship and Deliver is the PERFECT Choice 

With our latest upgraded trucks and expert drivers, clients do not have to worry about the safety of their car being shipped to a college. According to US News and World Report, 2016, every campus has a majority of 48% students owning a car.

The cost of shipping a car to college will vary so it’s best to get a quote right away. The car shipping calculator will help you learn about the estimated detail. Ship and Deliver is a professional auto transport service that helps people transport their cars to ideal locations. So why waste time now? Contact us for more details.

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