Door-to-Door Transport - Time Efficient and Accessible

Get the domestic car shipping done with door-to-door transportation services in just one click.

Why Door-to-Door Transportation Services?

Get your car picked up and drop off from location A to location B without moving with the most convenient method of auto transport. Select the address you want your vehicle to be picked up and dropped off. Domestic shipping is easier, faster, and secure with the door-to-door transportation services available all over the US.

Highly Convenient

Shipping a car from one point to another is easier and secure with door-to-door transportation services. No need to break a sweat to find the car storage. Get the car shipped to the right place at the right time.

Home drop off

No need to step out in harsh weather conditions anymore. Get your car delivered to the designated location with door-to-door transportation services. Your car is safer than ever.


Say goodbye to long drives! Door-to-door transportation saves time and energy for customers to drive long hours. Time is of the essence and so is shipping when you choose to have your car shipped right at the doorstep.

Peace of Mind

Why worry when door-to-door transport implies shipping a car right at the given address? Let the company handle the shipment. You just sit back and relax. It’s time to get accustomed to the pros of the shipping experience.

Why Use Ship and Deliver for Door-to-Door Car Shipping?

Thorough Inspection

Ship and Deliver ensure a car is taken care of properly during shipping. Right before the loading, the car is thoroughly inspected for any damages for record-keeping. A second inspection takes place after the unloading. Pretty simple right?

Smart Shipping

Ship and Deliver believe to provide a smart shipping experience for its customers from the point of booking the quote or door-to-door transport to the point of car delivery. Rest assured, a customer’s car is in good hands.

Accessible at Domestic Level

A convenient, easily available, and accessible type of service that Ship and Deliver believes enhances the shipping quality. Enjoy the door-to-door car shipping at your doorstep without any extra responsibility. Just click to get the quote right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will door-to-door transportation cost?

It may cost a bit more than terminal-to-terminal auto transport but the car is delivered right at the designated step. Customers are quite happy with this mode of shipping service. 

Which type of auto carrier will transport my car?

You can choose enclosed transportation or open auto transport. Door-to-door transport is a service applicable to both auto carriers. 

What advantage do I have of door-to-door car shipping?

For a customer buying cars online, they do not have to worry about picking a car from a terminal. You will not need to waste time coordinating with the driver either. 

How are door-to-door shipping rates calculated?

Use the cost calculator. Once you fill in the quote the shipping rates will be available. The rates will vary according to the car weight, the distance of the location, and so on.