Enclosed Auto Transport Company

Enclosed Auto Transport Company: When To Consider The Option

Why drive a car when you can take the help of an Enclosed Auto Transport Company instead? Planning a move for whatever reasons you may have, driving does not always seem like an ideal situation. When it comes to shipping a car, you have the options to choose from the top-tier auto transport companies offering exclusive shipping services. Where you have the option to choose either open transport people usually opt for this type of carrier. It’s cheaper and can carry more cars too. But what you need right now is the use of enclosed transport more so than ever.

Open carriers do not protect your car from the elements like dirt, snow, hail, or rain. One may even encounter unfortunate events on the road too which can be unavoidable if using open transport.

On the other hand, Enclosed Car Carriers provide the much-needed coverage you are looking for in your car. The advantage you may have in this case is that the car is safer and sound.

When to Hire Enclosed Auto Transport Company

A secured vehicle shipped from one place to another gives much confidence in the enclosed auto transport company.

The chains and nylon straps used to secure the car after loading is the first step you need to look forward to. Companies like Ship and Deliver take care of the necessary precautions that will keep the card safe and avoid the car from hitting the walls of the enclosed car carrier.

But how do you decide when you will be needing enclosed auto transport? There are a few situations to keep in mind;

    • Highly Expensive Vehicle

Let’s say your car is worth $60,000 – will you consider an open transport carrier? No. The reason being first that you can afford the Enclosed Auto Transport and second that you will not want your thousands of dollars of the car to be shipped in an open transport.

For highly expensive cars, customers usually opt for Enclosed Car Carriers. They do not shy from hauling expensive vehicles into trucks and trailers. The liability is reduced and the expensive vehicle stays safe.

    • Weather Threat

One of the primary concerns is the weather forecast. Despite a forecast, mother nature can decide to bestow the shipment with hail or rain.

If you are moving at a time of bad weather, then driving is out of course. You may have done pre-booking. The weather at the time might be sunny and shiny but once the day of shipping arrives it might be a thunderstorm too.

So in such a case open transport is not a preferable option. You can get an enclosed auto transport quote from Ship and Deliver to learn how much it will cost you. It’s super easy.

    • Classic Car

Some people have a love for classic or vintage cars. Such car models are valuable and prestigious on their own.

If you are moving the car to a new place, then this elegant piece of the engine needs to be kept away from harm. The enclosed auto transport company ensures a no theft guarantee to the customer. The opening door is locked with a keypad that keeps the car inside safe. If you do not want to take any risk, then this is the most preferable way to keep your valuable possession in safe hands.


Even though open transport is a reliable option, there are certain conditions when enclosed auto transport is a more reliable option.

Ship and Deliver understand its customer’s need to transport the car with enclosed car carriers. You can get the enclosed auto transport quote right now.

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