Enclosed Auto Transport - A Safer Shipping Choice

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Why Enclosed Auto Transportation?

Do you want to add a phenomenal shipping experience to your list? Enclosed auto transport is the type of auto transport that adds an extra layer of protection for the vehicles. Safe shipping is not a mere concept but a reality. 

Safe from External Elements

A sealed vehicle inside the carrier is a safe one. No external factors like weather can affect or harm your car in any way. A higher degree of service and attention is provided to the customer.

Reliable Auto Carriers

A reliable option to ship your car is via enclosed car carriers. Our number one priority is to deliver the cars damage-free and in a timely manner in premier enclosed carriers.

Higher Insurance Coverage

A little extra safety with the right insurance gives you, as a customer, the confidence to get a quote and ship your car as per policy.

Self Satisfaction

Your car will arrive in a clean and undisturbed state as it left from the pickup location. Enclosed auto transport avoids exposure to the harsh weather which keeps your car safe and sound.

Why Use Ship and Deliver for Enclosed Auto Transport

Trusted Auto Transport

Shipping unique cars, inoperable cars, or even classic cars isn’t easy. Ship and Deliver make the transit secure and legit. The team of experts is parallelly organized to ensure shipping service remains undisturbed.

A+ Shipping Teams

The compliance team of Ship and Deliver is highly responsive to ensure a car is taken care of smoothly during the shipment. Every car is important to the customer. If your car is worth more than $45,000 using enclosed auto transport is your best chance at shipping.

Ship with safety

Ship and Deliver is confident in providing secure shipping services all over the US. The customer is notified via emails once the shipping process begins. As a customer you will just need to book your quote, the shipping is taken care of by the Ship and Deliver experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will enclosed auto transport cost?

The cost for enclosed auto transport is slightly higher than other auto transport carriers because of the extra safety and protection. Besides, other factors like location, play a genuine role in the pricing factor. You can use the shipping calculator on the homepage to calculate the prices.

Which type of auto carrier will transport my car?

Enclosed auto transports are usually enclosed trailers. They come in various sizes and measurements. Some can even carry up to 7 vehicles at a time. But some enclosed auto carriers are designed to carry one vehicle at a time. It will depend on the customer’s request which type of enclosed carrier they want to use. 

Is my vehicle safe in enclosed car carriers?

Yes, absolutely. The purpose of enclosed auto transport is to keep cars safe from external elements. For instance, if it’s raining on the way, your car is safe inside the auto carrier. 

Can I ship items of personal belongings in my car?

By law, it is not permissible to move personal items that weigh more than 75 pounds. you can put smaller pieces inside your car. It should be properly packaged. While filling the form under the section “Additional Information” you can provide the information or put in the request.