Enclosed Car Transportation

What Makes Enclosed Car Transportation the Safest Shipping Option?

Shipping experience is one of a kind. Delivering a car to a new destination is a daunting task for a shipping company. Therefore the use of enclosed car transportation is deemed as the best choice for safe car shipping. Plenty of other options are also available, however, if you want to have a risk-free experience Ship and Deliver is excited to explain how an enclosed car carrier can be the right shipping option for you.

This article briefly explains the major benefits of the enclosed auto transport. Let’s take a better look.

What is Enclosed Car Transportation?

Just as the name suggests – enclosed transport means your car is well protected by the trailer/carrier in which the car is shipped. It is a preferred option for a variety of reasons.

Customers who own classic or custom cars are more likely to book enclosed car carriers for shipping purposes. With this method, the shipping risk is highly reduced. Enclosed transport is popular for the added protection to the vehicle being shipped is the foremost reason.

So if you are interested in car protection enclosed auto transport is the right option for you.

When to Choose Enclosed Shipping?

Enclosed shipping is perfect for all occasions. Whether it is shipping at a long-distance or wanting to move from one state to another. At any time and any place, enclosed car carriers provide much-needed safety.

Enclosed transportation is an alternate option to open transport. Your vehicle is fully wrapped inside the trailer or trucks. So if you want your vehicle to be shipped at a longer distance and do not want to encounter harsh weather conditions the safest bet is to use enclosed car carriers. You can even get an enclosed auto transport quote right now.

Reasons to Choose Enclosed Transport

  • To Protect Investment

Cars are a long-term investment. If you are a car dealer who wants to deliver the cars to their customers or vice versa, using Ship and Deliver is the right way to do so. To arrange a safe trip for your car a reliable way is to use the enclosed auto transport.

Maybe if you are a professional driver who wants their car shipped to the new racecourse then enclosed transport once again saves the day. To protect your lifelong investments, your car, enclosed car transportation will act as a barrier. You can breathe easily knowing your car is in safe hands.

  • Protection from Extreme Weather Conditions

What if you want to move your car in the high season when it’s snowing or in summer when it’s utterly hot? The shipping quote may also vary according to the seasonal changes. Whether it’s snowy or extremely hot outside, the enclosed transport is one way to protect your car from weather elements beyond your control.

Your car may have a customized paint job that can be easily ruined with extreme weather conditions. If you want to book car shipping on short notice and cannot wait till spring then once again enclosed auto transport is your savior.

If you think the snow will not damage your car, then think again. Dust, dirt, wind blizzards, and other weather anomalies that might damage your car can be avoided with the help of enclosed transport.

  • Low Risk of Vandalism

Theft of any kind is not common in the shipping industry but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Deliberate vandalism can occur on the way to in case a pit stop is made on the way to the destination.

Thus, an enclosed car carrier will make it all too impossible. The opening side, the door, is heavily enclosed or padded with high-security tech. enclosed transport may be more expensive than open transport but if you want your car to be delivered at a long distance then you know this is the right choice to opt for.

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