Frequently Asked Questions

Ship and Deliver are ever so keen to answer any queries brought forward.
Some of the frequently asked questions below answer the thoughtful perspective of our clients.

FAQ about Shipping Order

How do I order a vehicle shipping?

With Ship and Deliver you can book the vehicle shipment online. All you need to do is sign up, log in to your account, and fill the required booking form.

How do I get a quote?

After signing in, you need to choose the right booking details. Once the form is filled you, the automated cost calculator will measure the price for you within seconds or just enter the VIN number with the details.

Where do you ship to?

Ship and Deliver proudly provide its shipping services all over the U.S. Our shipping services are available for both domestic and business use.

Can I change the drop off location after booking?

Yes, we do facilitate our customers in case there is a change in the destination. You can reach through our Contact Us page to share the details.

FAQ about Pickup and Delivery

What is the expected time for the vehicle to be delivered?

Delivery time depends on the distance from pick-up to drop off location and other external factors. Therefore there is no fixed time. However, we do guarantee fast delivery.

Can a third person sign on my behalf in my absence at delivery time?

Yes, the receiver (even if it’s a third-person) will have to sign the Bill of Lading. it is the written record that the shipment is received.

Do you provide unloading assistance?

Yes, we ensure that once the shipment arrives at the designation it is properly taken care of.

Is the vehicle delivered to the exact spot or at some specific terminals?

The shipped vehicle will be delivered at the exact location as provided in the form.

FAQ about Payment

What is the mode of transaction for an auto shipping?

You can pay the shipping charges online by using your credit card. The online payment mode of transaction is secure. Your credit card details will be safely uploaded on the portal for future payments (if any).

Will I be charged an extra fee if I put personal items in the car?

Of course not, if you want to put any personal item in the car you can pack it properly, put it in the dashboard, or in the car dump.

Does insurance cover the vehicle during transportation?

Shipping services at Ship and Deliver are bounded and insured.

Does it cost more to ship inoperable vehicles?

To ship an inoperable vehicle certain precautionary measures take place to ensure its safety. So yes, it will cost you a tad bit more to ship inoperable vehicles.

Other Common FAQs

Is it possible to deliver an oversized item?

Ship and Deliver transports cars and SUVs only all over the U.S for the ease of their clients.

Do you inspect the vehicles before loading for shipment?

Yes, absolutely. We do inspect the vehicle before loading it. Proper precautions take place to record the vehicle information, after detailed confirmation, the vehicle is uploaded.

What if my vehicle is not picked as promised?

Based on certain external factors, it is possible that the transport may take time. In such a case, customers are always informed about the changes (if any).

Is there a surcharge fee at the time of delivery or otherwise?

Customers only have to pay one time i.e. at the time of the booking. There is no surcharge of any kind.