Do you plan to move to Texas soon? If so, then you are in your a bunch of luck! Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the US…and for all the right reasons. You can look forward to an affordable cost of living, traveling, temperature, and so on. All factors work in your favor when you are moving to Texas to any of the cities.

From a business point of view, let’s not forget that Texas is also home to several Fortune 500 companies including Exxon Mobil, Sysco, and AT&T. over the decade the state has grown in terms of its;

    • Tourism
    • Agriculture
    • Aerospace industries and much more

If you still want to learn more about living in Texas, then pay close attention to the read down below.

Why Living In Texas Is A Life-Changing Experience?

Texas is mostly associated in the terms of the Lone Star State and is the second-most populous state in the US. However, relocating to Texas is yet another realm of challenges. The size of the state says it all there is about Texas. From car shipping experience to settling down experience, living in Texas is a lot different than living in a commercial city.

Texas is large but a diverse state. It’s like a whole other country in itself. Finding the right place to live in Texas matters. It will shape your preferences, affordability, city-life, employment, etc among other factors.


Let’s highlight some of the key factors that will shape your experience when you move to Texas for good.

    • Jobs, Jobs, And More Jobs

It does sound absurd in the coming pandemic condition. But moving to Texas means you have the chance to get the employment of the choice. Even if you want to move here, ship your car all the way from California to Texas in search of a job hunt. You will not be disappointed at all.

The main reason behind moving to Texas is hidden somewhere in the terms of employment. Even if you’re planning to move to Texas for a small business venture, you will have more chances of success than in a big city.

The growth in the field of tech, manufacturing, and business services including auto car shipping services is increasing and making a prominent difference in the economy. On the plus side, there are plenty of high-wage, blue-collar jobs and higher chances of jobs right after graduation.

    • Live Cheaper

Did you want to live in a place that is cheaper than New York or Florida but still worth living in? Say hello to Texas.

Moving to Texas is just one step forward. When you do live in the state you will realize that your paycheck is more than your expenses. From an average income point of view, Texas ranks at third position.

The income is adjustable to the cost of living in Texas. Whereas the median home price in Houston is 2.9 while in San Francisco is 6.7. It does say a lot right?

If someone is doing a blue-collar job in New York City or San Francisco, they will struggle to make ends meet. But not in Texas. Here people have a better chance of living a middle-class life.

    • Lowest Taxes

Another reason for moving to Texas lay hidden in its low tax rates. It is one of the seven states where people do not have to pay any taxes on personal income. Although the disproportionate tax is high and receives a lot of complaints if you are a homeowner. But if you do take a look, then the Texas tax incentive for business is rather high.

Being a small business owner, you are in a potluck of chance.

With no taxes on personal income, it opens a window of opportunity for many to save and have a breezy life. But, if you do plan to purchase the property, do keep an eye on the type of neighborhood you want.

    • Affordable Living

Do you want to live in Texas because it is affordable? It is the right reason for moving to Texas. With the lowest cost of living, housing is affordable.

Although it does depend on the city you decide on in the final, the average cost is almost the same. Imagine this, even the most popular city in Texas, San Antonio has the median home price of about $243,000.

For those who want to purchase a big piece of land, they can do so easily. Real estate is not limited to houses only. Texas has a high sale on lands too (with worth more than $30 billion!).

    • Safety

Crime rates are low in Texas. Is the super edge that a family always looks for. A safe neighborhood means you need to worry less about theft and other criminal activities. After all, no one wants to live spooked for the rest of their lives.

Despite the blossoming population, Texas is a safe place to live.

You can consider the neighborhoods in the big cities too like Austin and as it turns out all are reputable. So when you start packing, get the movers going, get your car shipped to Texas all you need to do is live there and realize it’s a family-oriented place to live.

    • Weather

A little fun fact: Texas is one of the hottest states in the US.

But is it worth living regardless of the hot weather conditions?

Summers can be hotter than hot at times (especially San Antonio and Dallas) but those who do not mind hot summers and mild to cold winters will find living in Texas worthy. Most apartment complexes come with pools and if you live in Houston, then Galveston’s beaches are just around the corner to shed the summer heat.

So if you are tired from the dreadful winters and want something for a change, Texas is worth living.

5 Best Places For Moving To Texas In 2021

With the low crime rates, educational facilities, and chances of employment Texas is a state you can get it all. It’s not the weather that people go here for. Instead, the reasons mentioned above are good enough for moving to Texas and bringing the much-needed change in your life.

We have listed some of the places to live in Texas based on the explained factors. Take a look.

    • Austin

A city with good music, food, and nightlight is what makes Austin an eclectic choice. The offbeat culture may seem weird to the prying eyes but those who like a little adventure in their everyday lives will love the idea of living in Austin.

The cost of living in Austin is relatively cheaper than in other larger cities. You can earn attractive wages and balance the expenses.

    • San Marcos

Considered to be one of the fastest-growing cities, San Marcos is a good city to consider when planning for moving to Texas.

Also, it is home to Texas State University, so it is fair to say that the area is populated by the upcoming generation of the vibrant and energetic community. Besides, the overall community also has energetic professionals like entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, etc living evidence of the high job opportunity scenes for the locals.

    • Denton

Known for its musical qualities, the city is home to the Arts and Jazz festival every year. Similar to San Marcos, Denton is also a college town. Texas Woman’s University and the University of North Texas, are two prominent schools.

From an educator’s point of view, the city has a high rating for public schools. The city gives an inner-city and yet suburban feel.

    • Dallas

To the center of North Texas resides the culture-based city known as Dallas. Home to some of the best public parks in the state you can enjoy a great living.

Dallas is also popular for food lovers and ranks in 4th position in terms of local cuisine category. It’s also a financial hub of Texas which is why you will find plenty of service providers like car shipping companies among a long list of manufacturers and other services.

Moving to Texas to live in Dallas is a strategic move for a businessman.

    • Houston

Houston has the honor of being the largest city in Texas. Just from the sheer size, one can say it’s a beautiful city with low crime rates. The diverse population is known to live actively with places to visit like the Museum District.

The place is known for its hip-hop cultural vibes, and is the epicenter of the locals and businesses alike.

Final Verdict

Moving to Texas can change your life for good. From futuristic business goals to personal benefits, Texas is a place worth living. The best part is Ship and Deliver is operated from Dallas. Car shipping from any of the cities all over the US to Texas is easier than ever when you have the homerun car shipper to provide the auto transport services.

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