Open Transport - Affordable and Faster

Ship and Deliver offers a sustainable shipping experience with open car carriers.

Why Open Transport?

Being one of the most common types of car shipping carriers, Open transport is a desirable option. Easier to arrange and easy on your wallet, open transportation is an excellent option for a customer who wants an affordable car shipping experience. 

The faster the Better

No more delays in shipping your car, open transportation is the fastest shipping option. The majority of truckers operate open auto transport trailers for the purpose of quick shipping from one location to another.

Greater Affordability

When you are looking for an overall affordable shipping option, open transport is the right shipping choice you need to make. Save the best bucks in your wallet with a greater affordable option.

Top Position

Fill the forms, and get the topload preference for your car. With open auto transport, you can get your car loaded on the top - a safer and better position for shipping in an open trailer.

Easy to Book

You can book a spot on open car carriers with the utmost ease. Say no to longer waitlisting. Ship your brand new car or a used one with one easy booking.

Why Use Ship and Deliver for Open Auto Transport

Eligible Shippers

Ship and Deliver follow the standard protocols from shipping the vehicle from one location to another. The dedication to an authentic shipping experience remains uncompromised with open transportation.

No Hidden Surcharge

Use the cost calculator and learn about the prices. No hidden payments will surprise you during a quotation or once a booking for shipping your car is confirmed. Ship and Deliver make the shipping flow easier.

Responsive Customer Representative

The best part is, the customer representative is always helpful. Ship and Deliver make sure a customer is able to have excellent communication with the representatives for any query on-demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does open auto transport cost more?

Open transport cost less as compared to enclosed transport. The auto carrier can carry from 5-8 cars depending upon the length of the trailer. This can also reduce the cost of shipping. 

Can you transport inoperable cars on open transportation?

If a car is in a non-running state i.e. inoperable it is better to transport it on open car carriers because it is a reasonable option and remains within your budget. 

How do I prepare my car for open transportation?

It’s best to prepare your care before the trailer arrives for the car shipment. You need to clean, wash, disable the alarms, take photographs of the car prior to loading, and so on. For further guidance, you can read our blog

How can I pay for open car carriers?

There are no special charges. You will need to pay through your credit card or debit card only. No other modes of the transaction are entertained.