Open vs Enclosed Auto Transport

Open vs Enclosed Auto Transport: Which One is Faster?

How do you know which type of auto transport carrier is the most successful? When you think of car shipping two things pop in your mind – open vs enclosed auto transport. Both are the most basic forms of car carriers offered by every car shipping company.

Surprisingly, many people still have limited experience when it comes to car shipping. Customers who are conducting research for any length of time already know that several factors are involved that affect the cost of enclosed transport as well as open transport. It’s hard to choose the better car shipping carrier if it’s your first time.

Car shipping companies invest a huge amount in an open and enclosed transport. Although open auto transport is more in demand before we jump to any conclusions some details are required.

Let’s take a look.

Open Vs Enclosed Auto Transport: Factors That Affect The Decision Of Customers

Enclosed auto transport may be an ideal choice for the customers with big wallets but not every customer is thinking alongside the process. It’s always good to have more than one option so that customers can choose between the car carrier types. 

To evaluate the best functioning type of auto transport we will divide the categories on the basis of their pros and cons.

Open Auto Transport

Also known as open-air transport, the vehicle is exposed when loaded onto the trailer. Elements like weather can affect the shipping process; a standard open transport truck has two levels and 80 ft long. Regardless of no walls or roof, it can carry more cars than enclosed auto transport.

Even the majority of the car shippers have open transport more as compared to enclosed transport.

Protection wise it may not be an ideal approach but it does save time when it comes to long distances. Cars are securely strapped and drivers take care of the cars and make sure they are secured.

    • Way cheaper than enclosed auto transport
    • Easy bookings with no hassle
    • Suitable for most cars
    • Easy to inspect on the trailer
    • Open to weather elements
    • Less secure
    • Dust and dirt make the car dirty

Enclosed Auto Transport

Also known as closed or covered auto transport, your car is protected with walls and a roof. The additional protection is always welcome. However, the demand for the enclosed auto transport is less as compared to open auto transport.

The price plays a vital role here. Enclosed car carriers are a notch-up investment than open car carriers. Not every shipping company can afford to make such a long-term investment especially if it’s a start-up.

 If you want protection and extra added security, then enclosed transportation is the choice for you. But is it fast? At the same time, at least two cars can be shipped via enclosed auto transport. But mostly one car at a time is expected to be shipped. 

Keeping the less demand and the number of cars to be shipped in mind, it is hard to agree on this point. Due to less demand, they require longer shipping times.

    • Added layer of protection
    • Satisfaction for valuable car owners
    • White-glove service
    • Expensive
    • Longer time for shipping
    • Hard to reserve booking

Our Verdict

Keeping the brief discussion in mind, it suffices to say that open auto transport is faster than enclosed auto transport. Cars are easy to book for open transport as they are always in demand and costs cheaper for the company and for the customer as well.

Ship and Deliver, however, offers both primary car shipping services. So if you want to utilize or make a booking for enclosed or auto transport you can do so with ease. You can get a quote now.

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