Are you looking to ship your car to or from Dallas? Or any place in the US? Know this the shipping process is a lot more time taking than the original idea. So once you decide to ship your vehicle from one place to another, you need to decide the type of car carrier you want to choose from. Especially if it’s your first time you’ll likely have a lot of questions in mind about car shipping and automobile transport.

Usually, you have two options to choose from – open auto transport or Enclosed Auto Transport. The latter option is rather expensive so keep the cost factor in mind when booking a car shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Automobile Transports

Car shipping companies provide two basic types of car carriers for shipping purposes. But first, you pick one option you need to learn a bit about both types of automobile transports.

1. Open Auto Transport

As the word suggests, the open auto transport carrier is not protected from external factors like weather, dust, or even birds. Perhaps considered to be one of the biggest drawbacks of open auto transport, but on the other hand, it lowers the Cost Of Shipping too.

Ship and Deliver ensure to take excellent care of the vehicle during shipping. Even if you decide to opt for the open car carrier you needn’t worry at all. The car shipping companies make it possible to transport your car on behalf of the customer. While usually, a tractor-trailer is typically between 75 and 80 feet in length. It can even haul a two-level trailer. The long rows of cars are on the top while the shorter row of cars is on the bottom.

So this means you can ship even more than one car at a time if you choose open auto transport.

2. Enclosed Auto Transport

Your car is a significant investment. You do want it to taste the dust and dirt on the way. For those who fear open auto transport, the enclosed automobile transport is yet another option at hand.

When you choose the enclosed auto transport, it means the vehicle will be protected from external factors like weather, dust, and so on. The car will be enclosed i.e. protected by the trailer. It’s like having a first-class ticket to the plane.

Enclosed Car Shipping is said to be a tad bit more expensive than open auto transport but it’s a great option you can use especially if your car is custom made or is luxurious. All the cars shipped on these Automobile Transports are protected.

The enclosed car carriers can often carry up to 7 automobiles! So here’s the right set of questions you need to ask yourself.

Do You Need  Enclosed Auto Transport?

Take a look at the relatable questions you will find yourself looking into. Then you can decide which is the right pick for you.

    • Is your car your Biggest Investment?
    • Are you concerned about the weather?
    • Does it bother you that cars will be covered in dust, dirt, and other pollution that might become the question of using open auto transport?
    • Is your car functional or non-functional?
    • How old is your car making?
    • Does it have a unique paint job?
    • Are you interested in extra protection for your car during shipping?

If the answer to all (or most) of these questions is a “Yes” then you know you are looking in the right direction now.

Choose Ship And Deliver For Enclosed Auto Transport 

To have a genuine car shipping experience you need professional Automobile Transport’s help to do so. If you are not ready for your car to be shipped via open auto transport then Ship and Deliver allows you to opt for the enclosed version. Besides, this choosing Ship and Deliver is a strategic move for a lot of reasons like.

1. Trusted Car Carrier

Ship and Deliver not only focuses on quality shipping but also ensures that the car being shipped is secure. The team of professional drivers checks the vehicle before hauled into the enclosed trailer. Thus, the services are totally dependable.

2. Excellent Teams

To experience the best version of an enclosed car carrier, Ship and Deliver have the basic knowledge about the type of cars from functional to non-functional to SUVs.Ship and Deliver ensure to have a classic shipping experience at hand.

3. Enclosed Auto Transport Standards

Just because it’s an enclosed car carrier doesn’t mean your car is safe. However, Ship and Deliver have a department that ensures that vehicles and car carriers are in compliance with one another.

Terrific Choice!

Your decision matters the most. You can always take a look at the cost of car shipping anywhere from or to in the US. Ship and Deliver be right here for you to get a quote now.

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