How Car Transport Services Works at Ship and Deliver

Shipping is easier, faster, and reliable in 3 simple steps!

How does a faster but safer car logistics service sound to you? We know your vehicles are precious to you for whatever purpose you may use them. Therefore our car transport services are specifically designed to keep our customers in mind. Our shipping services are easy to access whenever you choose to.

Now you have the liberty to ship your vehicles from anywhere and anytime all over the U.S in just three simple steps.


Step 1

Quote and book your order


Step 2

We pick up your vehicle


Step 3

Receive your vehicle

Step 1: Instant Quote and Booking

● Click on the “Get Quote” button. A form will appear on the new page.

● Now enter your vehicle and location (pick up and drop off) details.

● Enter your card details and Checkout.

● A new page will appear and enter all the required details. Double-check the contact information (for your satisfaction). Press Enter. Now you are done with the booking.

Step 2: We Collect your Wheels

● Just relax. Now it’s our turn to take your vehicle from the pick-up location.

● The driver will arrive at the pick-up location at the scheduled time. He will confirm the details before loading the vehicle.

● The driver will share the details on the site.

● Now the driver is ready to roll the shipment towards the drop-off location.

Step 3: Take Possession of your Wheels

● The driver will reach the drop off location at the given estimated time.

● Once the driver arrives, he will ensure the receiver signs, Bill of Lading, before the vehicle is handed over.

● The customer will receive the notification about receiving and that’s it!

● Do remember to comment about your car transport services experience on our website.