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Questions to Ask from Car Transport Companies before shipping on Holidays

This is the time of the year when you want to plan for the holidays even in the middle of the pandemic. Being careful is one choice but not the only one. You may be living in Florida but want to visit the hometown in Colorado but just don’t have the energy to drive during the cold winter. Fortunately, many car transport companies are operational all around the year but the majority choose to take holidays as well. 

car transport companies

However, the car shipping volume does increase during the holidays. To handle the increasing volume companies work ever so efficiently trying to keep the car shipping experience memorable. 

That’s how loyal customers are born. 

But first, you can reach the level of said “loyalty” you need to ask some serious questions to choose the right company among other car transport companies

Are car transport companies flexible during the holiday season?

The availability of car transport companies during holidays can be problematic. But you do not need to stress about it, the point of having a car shipping service is to provide shipping services accessible even through the holidays. 

So you need to take into account which car shipping service is available 365 days a year. Of course like the rest of you, the drivers also deserve the holiday breaks so some companies may rush the order or delay it. It depends on how far the pickup and drop-off locations are. 

Reason to avoid during Christmas and New Year 

Ship and Deliver services are available at all times but holidays are the exception. The company is responsible to make timely deliveries but also needs to take care of its staff too. Holidays are a challenging time to make a booking. Mostly slots are pre-booked before and after the holidays you really will need a Christmas miracle to find an open slot to book. 

Cost of car shipping near to holidays 

Usually, you see a peak factor in the cost of car shipping as the holidays approach. Since the demand increases, so does the cost. Even the plane tickets are more expensive than usual during the holidays. So if you have traveled before during the holidays you know it all too well. Some of the busiest routes throughout the holidays include Florida, Texas, and Arizona, and so on hence another reason for the high shipping fares. 

Unlike the rest, the cost of shipping a car remains the same. Since the company is not taking any bookings during the holidays, you can rest assured that no extra charges are issued. Of course, if you are planning to ship an inoperable car, the cost of car shipping may vary. 

As a customer, how to know the price is fair?

One thing Ship and Deliver understands is the need to calculate the cost to plan things through. Especially when the holiday season is fast approaching the budget can rise a lot for which customers can show great concern. 

To avoid any fuss, the cost calculator of shipping a car is available too. This way you can put the information and get a quote now.

Type of transportation used to transport cars

Open or enclosed car transportation, which is the best option?

Without a doubt, an enclosed trailer is used to transport cars. Cars can get damaged during the shipping if not tucked with the safety chains properly. Also, it’s an added layer of protection for the car from changes in the weather. Whether it’s sunny, rainy, hailing, or snow falling, the car will be safe and sound during its journey on the road. 

Although open trailers are also open, may cost less than enclosed trailers but if you put the pros and cons in sight, enclosed trailer wins. 


Avoid making a decision hastily when it comes to shipping your car around the holidays. Even so, if you do have to transport your car in an emergency, Ship and Deliver is available for you to make sure your car reaches the other endpoint safely. 

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