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Ship Your Car Now In 4 Simple Steps In 2021

You may have a Range Rover or a classic Sedan, or even an exotic sports car but one thing’s for sure: it will not drive itself. So what will happen if you want your car to reach someplace? The answer is; you need to ship your car now. This is the time where an auto shipping company like Montway etc. is your life saviors. However, Ship and Deliver is a premium choice these days to shop your car.

Located in the US, now the first-time shipping customers have the chance to explore more with an easy-to-book car shipping service. Whether you bought your car at the auction or plan to move to a new city you need to book your auto transport services 

4 Easy Ways To Ship Your Car Now With Ship And Deliver

Car shipping does not require any hustle and bustle. It’s a simple procedure. For your understanding, we have divided the vehicle shipping process into easy steps. 

    • Focus On The Timeline 

When do you want your car shipped?

This is the first and foremost question that must pop into your head. Every auto shipping company will expect you to give a clear answer. So before comparing the car transport prices you need to know when you want your car shipped. 

Keep a few questions in mind. 

When do you expect your car to arrive?

It may take several days for your shipment to get picked up even if you have booked your car shipping in advance.

If you want to book auto transport services for long-distance car shipping, then you need to get a quote right away. 

Another thing you need to consider is can you live without your car for long? For instance, you may need your car while you are still packing. You may want to take some furniture or other stuff to Goodwill. You will need your car to drive around town. 

So keep the need and use of your precious car in mind too. If you do not need your car right away then you can make a car shipping booking

Sometimes, auto transport companies do not give a guaranteed pickup date. Even if some do that, they charge extra for it. Ship and Deliver do not charge you any surcharge price, which is why your auto booking is safely picked up on time. 

However, always keep the dates in mind to have a quality shipping experience. 

    • Pick The Type Of Transport 

When you are looking for car shipping services always keep an eye on the add-on services. Car shipping companies like to keep things simple. The majority of auto transport services provide two basic options for shipping; 

        • Open transport 
        • Enclosed transport 

Ship and Deliver also offer these two basic car shipping options. Open transport is uncovered, so it is the cheapest mode of car transport. It means your car is exposed to sunlight and other weather elements. 

If you do not want your expensive car, like Lexus or Porsche, to be transported in an open car carrier, then enclosed transport is the option for you. 

Enclosed transport has a roof and four walls. Well, all the necessary protection your favorite vehicle will need. 

    • Shipping Order

Now is the time when you get a quote and place and confirm your order for car shipping. The online shipping calculator is the easiest way to begin the process. 

        • All you need to do is;
        • Enter your vehicle’s VIN 
        • Fill in the destination address 
        • Get the instant quote 

Once your quote is calculated, you can place your shipping order. Your car shipment is insured by default. 

    • Payment Process 

Now is the time to finalize your car shipping order. Ship and Deliver provides a secure billing platform for your vehicle. 

Just submit the required information. Once documents and payments are received the search to find the best car transport begins for your car. 

You need to make online payments through debit/credit cards. That’s it! 


Ship your car now with Ship and Deliver in an easy and simple process. If you want someone to guide you for the first time about car shipping, then you do not need to look elsewhere. 

Ship and Deliver can be your first-time car shipping experience! Just start with the online quote and register yourself to place an order.

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