It’s time to move people! That what your dad would shout at the top of his lungs once everything is packed and ready to roll. Moving all your belongings is tricky. It can get complicated enough and you do need to keep worrying about driving to the new location. While packing every piece of item in your house, you need to find a solution for your car too. Relocating your car can be problematic if you haven’t put enough thought into it. So how to move a car to another location?

How To Move A Car To A New Location, Easy To Follow Solutions

Fortunately, there are trouble-free solutions you can opt for to move your car without any delay. Timing is everything!

So keep the timings, days, and dates in mind when deciding upon any of the solutions mentioned down below.

1. Ship The Car

The first and foremost to your moving problem – shipping your car with the best auto transport company in town. Before hiring professional car shipping services do take a detailed look for instance whether they are budget-friendly or not and so on.

If you were to move from Dallas to anywhere in the US, Ship and Deliver is the reasonable option you could go for. Local transport is a lot more helpful than you’d realize initially.

When you opt to ship, you don’t have to worry about driving for a longer distance. With the help of professionals, the car is shipped either on an open-air trailer or an enclosed truck. The cost of car shipment will vary according to several factors like the type of car, distance, and so on. But if you are worried about the weather conditions then Ship and Deliver ensure that not a single damage will come to your car in any way.

2. Enlist A Non-Professional Driver

Well, moving is already costing you hundreds of bucks. At this point, you can take help from a friend or family member who is reliable and can be trusted with your car. Of course, you will pay them for their help. So if you are not up for a shipping car service then this can be a cheaper way around the whole car shipping ordeal.

Although the priority will be to ship your car there’s always room to negotiate the ideas. While moving your car with the best auto transporters reduces the risk, in this case, the potential risk factor is higher.

So make sure if someone agrees to drive the car on your behalf then double-check your car insurance too.

3. Professional Car Service

Another way to move a car is not to use the shipping services but rather seeking the services of a professional driver. In rare cases, some shipping companies tend to deliver the car by providing a professional and trained expert with a good record on the portfolio.

Drivers are properly screened and their information is also made available on the official website. Although the case is rare you may find separate rent a service facility so that a professional driver can handle your car in a better way.

4. Or Of Course, Drive It Yourself

The old-fashioned way is to drive the car and make it a road trip. One of the convenient options in case you are a wallet saver. When moving to a new city you can experience traveling down the road yourself. If you are not too worried about spending some quality money on the shipping car services then know this Ship and Deliver is a highly affordable and pocket-friendly car shipping service that ships your car on your behalf all over the US.

Even if you are reluctant to drive, just in case then fly away and move your car with the best local car transporters.


Knowing how car shipping works can help you decide how to move a car to a new city. So when you are ready, set, and go, Ship and Deliver will be waiting for you to get a quote.