Car shipping is a great service but the prices are unstable – even if you are using an excellent car shipping service you cannot guarantee how much it will cost you. Usually, a carrier will bid on the shipment. This is based on how much they are willing to accept the job to deliver a car. This is one of the many factors that affect the cost of shipping a car among several others.

If you think the cost of shipping a car is more then you’d be surprised to learn that even a Netflix subscription a month costs exactly the same! It depends on how much you are willing to pay for the service.

However, car shipping is a lot different than Netflix.

The stress of shipping can be a lot for customers if it’s their first time. So you can’t help but keep asking yourself, “How much is it to ship my car?

We understand your need to know the cost of shipping a car. You do not need to look any further for information. This article is your guide to the pricing of car shipping.

Which is the Cheapest Option to Ship My Car?

Like we said, every user has this question in mind when they are about to choose an auto shipping company.

Although car shipping quotes can vary widely, there are still numerous ways to ensure you get the most affordable prices. Since auto shipping companies offer a variety of ways to ship your car there are two most common ways that are consistently used by the clients.

We have discussed this point already in the previous article. But to recall the facts, open transport is a lot cheaper than enclosed auto transport. If you want affordable car shipping costs then open transport is your option to go for.

But these two are not the only options. Door-to-door transport or terminal-to-terminal transport is yet another option. Of course, the first option is the healthier choice in terms of saving. You will save yourself the headache to go pick up your car.

But in case you live near the terminal, it might save your mighty bucks.

Take a Look at Factors That Affect the Cost of Shipping a Car

As a consumer remember that the cost of shipping depends on several factors. But most important supply and demand are two external factors that affect the secondary factors. Right now there might be 5000 or more cars waiting to be shipped from Florida to Texas. In case few truckers are available it will also affect the cost of car shipping.

Let’s take a proper look at such factors that are responsible for the affordable/expensive rates.

The Distance

The most professional auto shipping sites in a true manner provide the access to the shipping calculator. What better way to calculate the cost of car shipping than opting for a quote that provides the estimated prices for you?

Once you go through the quote, you need to fill in certain details about the car and distance from the drop-off location to pick-up location and etc. such factors are indicators of the pricing.

Larger dimensions and more vehicle modifications may be required to adjust the car in the carrier.

Car Make and Model

The older your car model is the more cost of shipping will vary as compared to the new car models.


With the latest technology, new car models are updated and more so easy to load and unload too.

Vehicle Condition

Is your car operable or inoperable?

Shipping companies give you the option to choose between the two. Operable cars have fewer shipping charges than the ones that are inoperable.

The car must have the ability to steer, roll and brake when loading onto the carrier. This is an operable car.

In case you want to ship an inoperable car, then certain modifications are required for the purpose. This automatically affects the pricing.

Transport Type

As discussed above, the type of car shipping service you opt for also affects the cost of shipping a car. Open transport does not protect your car from external factors like dust, sun or rain etc. in case of any accidents, the car will be damaged easily.

Using an enclosed transport is the ideal option as it is prostate by the trailer. But it can be more expensive depending on the trip distance.

Is Car Shipping Worth It?

What is so great about Ship and Deliver is that they guarantee the customer to ship their car at an estimated time an affordable price. Keeping all factors into account, the shopping process is transparent for customer satisfaction.

Let Ship and Deliver steer the shipping experience.

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