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Ship and Deliver: Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Transport

So are you thinking of shipping your car? That’s just perfect.

Whether you want to plan your next best adventure or thinking to buy a car online you would want to book a vehicle transport as soon as possible. This is where Ship and Deliver take charge of the processing. For your first best auto shipping adventure Ship and Deliver lets you have a go at the most reasonable shipping rates. With years of experience, a guide to auto transport is prepared to help the customers learn about the necessary details.

So bringing ease for customers all over the US, this guide will be your helping source.

Vehicle Transport Information for Users All Over US

Shipping is quite an easy process but it does require a proper workflow to make auto shipping possible. Therefore keep the following factors in mind to provide authentic information.

1. Pick the Destination for Shipping

The first and foremost primary step is to choose the location of the shipping. The pickup location and the drop off location both are critical. In case you do not have any specific destination in mind and do it as a hobby or even just helping your friend, then you need to look somewhere else. The cost of shipping is not to be taken lightly therefore to work with a trusted auto shipping company is really important.

Once you have decided the exact location, write down the complete address including the zip code. Make sure that the pickup and drop off location is accurate. Keep this information readily available so that you can insert the information when needed right away. This will ensure the booking process for vehicle transport is smoothly transitioned.

The best-case scenario? You can always book in advance. In case you want to update the location (from or to) you can Contact Us for the details too.

2. Decide the Dates of Shipping

Once you have chosen both locations, now focus on the shipping date.

Booking in advance means you can plan the shipping in advance. In case of any changes, you can always contact the customer agents to learn more specific details. However, unlike a few car transport companies, Ship and Deliver lets you revise the shipping dates only before the vehicle is dispatched. Personally, you do not need to be present at the pickup location but it is highly recommended that a representative is present at the pickup location and the delivery point.

The representative must be an adult (18 or above). Before the car loading occurs, the vehicle is inspected for any marks or damages prior to shipping. The information is collected on the Bill of Lading and then the form is signed at the due location.

3. Always Look At The Reviews

To headstart your search game you need to collect car shipping information as much as you can.

Here’s what you can do to ensure that the auto transport shipping you choose is the right option for you.

    • Word of mouth. Always ask the people around about the auto shipping company. Asking locally gives you insight into other shipping experiences with the said company. Always be wary of the company with no reviews or one with several negative reviews.
    • Online reviews. You can always visit the website of the car shipping company. Websites are the best online source and so is social media. If you take a look at you can easily assess the goodwill and study the reviews too.
    • Get a Quote. On the homepage, you will always find a quote. Click on it, fill the form online on the website, and receive the quote.
4. Car Shipping Cost 

If you have the top 3 picks on your list then you can compare the auto shipping quotes from each one of them. Keep the quality points in mind in the end that will help you to decide which service to use.

When you do the comparison, remember that no quote follows a standard measure. It means the prices are not set in stone. All you receive is an estimate of how much the car shipping will cost you. Prices keep fluctuating so you shouldn’t choose the cheapest car service provider. In such a case later onwards, the actual price turns up a lot higher than expectations.

Ship and Deliver are transparent about the shipping cost. You can use the shipping calculator to learn the costs for operational and non-operational vehicles and so on. Also, you can select the locations and get the estimated cost of using car shipping services from one state to another.

Book With Ship and Deliver

When you book with Ship and Deliver, the shipping experience with the trusted experts is a point of wonder for the clients.

 The process is easy as a pie and consists of only three basic steps.

    • Instant Quote and Booking
    • We Collect Your Wheels
    • Take Possession of Your Wheels

You can learn more information from the FAQs section as well to learn about any query. Once you have done filling the form and ready to roll with the shipping, you’ll just need to sign the Bill of Lading to accept the delivery.

Here at Ship and Deliver, every vehicle transport is taken seriously and handled in an efficient manner. Get a Quote now to get the shipping process started.

Happy shipping to you all!

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