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Convenient Ways for Vehicle Shipping During COVID-19

Like similar industries, the car shipping service industry has also taken a major hit during the onset of the pandemic. The world economy shook from its core to stabilize the work, jobs, and services. The shipping industry is an interwoven industry related to every other industry. The supply of vehicles also decreased dramatically as the car manufacturing had to make new safety adjustments for car assembling and so on as the demands for new cars also decreased.

So while you may have found a car you’d like to buy through an online auction, you’d still need it to be shipped to your home safely.

How will you do that?

Convenient Tips to Follow for Vehicle Shipping US

So, even amid the ongoing crisis, Ship and Deliver has made its foremost duty to go slow at the turtle pace but ship the car safely. By slow means taking fewer orders rather than in bulk and making sure the contactless shipping is done carefully. But when it comes to shipping a car you need to make sure of a few things first.

1. Reliable Car Shipping

Which car shipping company in the US is guaranteeing vehicle shipping even during the winters and the pandemic? Transportation is a designated part of the industry that the US Department of Homeland Security made essential even during the covid times. Ship and Deliver are all about shipping the cars and SUVs all over the US which is why you do not have to worry about shipping your car from Florida to texas or from Washington DC to Seattle or anywhere. Ship and Deliver is a reliable source for car shipping. You just need to

    • Get the quote
    • Enter the details of the car model and year
    • Provide accurate information about the address (pick up location and drop-off location)
2. Cost of Fuel

Because of the pandemic, most businesses got shut down, even the local commute had to stop. This meant the lesser transportation it was, fuel prices dropped like the domino effect. The lower fuel prices have helped car shipping companies to maintain low shipping rates so if someone tries to con you into paying the high price or he double, you should be beware.

Since the US dollar dropped in value during a pandemic, the conversion rates will help you save money on the vehicle shipping too.

Many of you still maybe are quite conscious that the virus can live on the car’s surface for a long-duration even if shipping takes place from one city to another. But because of the changing weather, proper precautions are set into place as well by the operation shipping companies. In case you are still unsure about your vehicle shipping then you can always sanitize the door handles, steering wheel, and so on.

3. Safety Precautions for Domestic Shipping

Vehicle shipping in the US is almost the same but as mentioned above certain precautions are being taken to ensure guaranteed domestic car shipping.

Instead of jeopardizing the health of customers or drivers, companies like Ship and Deliver are carefully and keenly providing car shipping services all over the US. just following these simple steps is worth it.

    • Wear the mask before dropping or picking the car
    • it is best to wear disposable gloves
    • Carry the disinfectant wipes for the car surface and interior
    • Keep a safe distance during pickup

Ship and Deliver makes the Vehicle Shipping Easier!

Easier said than done, but to provide a safe shipping environment, you can always count on Ship and Deliver for instant shipping quotes. Just enter the vehicle’s VIN, location, and press enter. That’s all from your side. Even if you want to calculate cost pre-shipping you can do so by using the shipping calculator on the website.

In case you have any further questions related to the shipping process or quotes during the COVID-19 you are free to contact our customer representatives with the questions or you can even email us.

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