DALLAS – the most beautiful and historic suburb is enlisted as the “best place to live” in the USA. The claim made in 2007 was because of the heavy population moving to Dallas Texas. The historical setting of the area took place because of the Georgia Gold Rush in 1828! People were disappointed as they found a relatively small amount of gold only but later onwards settled, grew crops and thus the Dallas came into existence as a community. Based on the forty acres of land bought by Garret H. Spinks in 1852 the historical significance grew due to the several battles during the American Civil War.

To date, Dallas is one of the largest metropolitan cities in Texas. With an accomplished neighborhood, there’s a lot to see and discover when planning to move here.

Essential Bits and Pieces of Information to Remember when Moving to Dallas Texas

Now that you are somewhat familiar with the city let’s dive right in to learn some details that will help you move to Dallas.

Let’s Talk Figures: Population

Dallas is huge! Although quite a young little town, it is one of the oldest cities in Texas. The population is fairly high with a younger social group in which white people make up for over 50% of the community. The total estimated population is 13,014 with about 1,300 people per square mile and the black population is around 35%. Among these two major population groups, other ethnic communities also reside peacefully. So yes, Dallas is quite a diverse city area. So you will not have any queries about moving here.

Cost of Living

Despite being the largest city in Texas, the cost of living is lower than average i.e 7% than the rest of the cities. Housing cost is reduced by 23% in Dallas, so it means it is less expensive while utilities are 17% cheaper! This word in your favor especially when you will be spending on the auto shipping in Dallas to move your car while you take care of the other belongings. However, you can expect more prices for groceries which are surplus at 3% than usual. But if you are moving to Dallas Texas on a rented place then you are in luck, the areas are inexpensive with an average of $1,161 per month.

So Dallas can be an affordable place to live and accommodations are nice, suburbs are safe and the move will be worth it.

Crime Rates in Dallas

So the concern for safety cannot be diminished either. If you are thinking about crime, it means that you are going in the right direction and thinking about all possible prospects. The crime rate in Dallas is rather lower than the overall average by 2% and the violence rate is also lower. This means your neighborhood is practically safe with a lower crime rate. So you do not have to worry about your physical safety. Even when your car shipping is due any moment even at midnight you can have it delivered without any worries.

The Education System

So now that you have settled in Dallas, you need to make a list of the top schools and colleges too. Especially when you are moving to Dallas Texas with your family you need to find the best school for your kids. Paulding County School District served a rating of 88%to the average and above-average school.

Besides, there are plenty of top-rated schools in Dallas, like East Paulding High School and so on. In case some of you are inspired for higher education that looks in the direction of Kennesaw State University.

Climate and Weather

Not afraid of a warmer climate? Like the rest of Texas, Dallas is humid and hot. So when you are planning to move here and book an auto shipping in Dallas, make sure that you do that in advance in case of unfamiliar weather. Besides that, in case you are visiting Dallas in advance, this will give you the best insight about the weather too. However, April and October are the most comfortable time of the year. Summers are usually high and winter months are low in temperature.


With the inexpensive neighborhood comes the entree of the jobs with higher wages. In economic terms, there are better places to earn but Dallas has the most prolific employers. Especially if you have talent and skills in healthcare then moving to Dallas Texas is the best answer for you. You can also look into teaching or sales jobs too.


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